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Mekenna and Travis get married

We were so lucky to get to watch Mekenna and Travis get married on beautiful Hunting Beach in South Carolina. 
That week was so cold, with the entire state under a civil emergency because of snow and ice.  And Saturday's forecast included 40°F, a gale warning, wind advisory, small craft advisory, and of course the whole state of emergency thing. But we woke up to a gorgeous day! It was windy enough to bring some laughter. Chilly, but not too cold. And just amazing for this awesome couple!  Mekenna was beautiful, as always (and somehow moreso), and Travis was so handsome in his uniform.  Matt played the ukulele for some fitting background music, and a little Elvis as she walked down the "aisle".  Paul did a wonderful job on the ceremony and it was just perfect with their family and friends gathered close together on the sand. ❤
Here are a few of my favorite pics.  I can't wait to see pics from the real photographer. :) 
Mr. and Mrs. Souder are so fun.
More pics of the wedding:


loonyhiker said…
Great photos! We love camping there at Huntington Beach (which is only 4 hours from our house in Greenville, SC). We also like camping at Oconee State Park in Walhalla, SC and Davidson River Campground in Pisgah National Forest in Brevard, NC. Have you camped at either one of those places?
The Lundy 5 said…
Thanks! It's a beautiful place. Haven't stayed at those, though we loved our day visit to Pisgah NF.