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The unschoolers go to school

Since we don't "do school", some people were surprised at our excitement about a recent online class we took.  "We" meaning {I made the kids do it because I wanted them to and I knew Allen and I would like it too}.  And we were all very pleasantly surprised!  It was based on The Hunger Games, so I had Lizzy's attention. It's called On Tyrants & Tributes- Real World Lessons From The Hunger Games.  It's a FREE week-long class with videos, discussion questions, points to earn, and a live chat at the end.
It covered the history and mythology the book was inspired by, great lessons for the kids especially (who haven't been interested in such things until now). Then they talked about present (and past) political issues in the book.  It was absolutely fascinating!  I knew the kids would benefit from this, but I learned so much myself.  The kids loved the books and movies, (we even went there!), so I knew it had the potential to keep their attention, but the quality and quantity of info in this class far exceeded my expectations. I didn't make the kids earn points or answer all the questions and such.  You can really be as involved as you would like.  Our kids are 11-14 and other students were college-age and up. 
If you ever consider a class at, we recommend it.  It looks like they have one for Game of Thrones scheduled now.  We've not read that, but we see the name often.  This is really a great resource for homeschooling, roadschooling, and yes, even unschooling! :)