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So we have chickens now.  Right, just after we decided to not get any animals this year *just* to be sure we want to stick around this RVstead. :)  Allen couldn't wait.  Allen can never wait. Ever.  So we have chickens.  Twenty of them. Yeah, twenty.  Ten are some kind for laying eggs and ten are called Pan Fry, because pan fry. :)  They are completely adorable little fluffy peeps and we love them! 
Especially Matt. 
Taking them to their new home. 
Which Allen made from our well pump cover/log cabin. 
He is pretty much awesome.
And they love it.  
We were worried about Jack eating them but our dog, in true Jack form, who took on coyotes with only a torn ear to show for it, who has eaten many chickens, many times, that dog... is afraid of little baby chicks. :) 
We're working on names now. (Don't worry, the kids won't get too attached and not want to eat them, they're Lundys.) Ideas collected so far: Chick Norris, Chick Berry, Chicken Little, Tina Turner, Einstein, Stir Fry, Johnny Pay-chick; Chick-Kira; Charles Chickens, Chickie Cheese, Peckles, Feather Locklear, Nugget, Kiev, ala King, Sweet, Sour, Fried, Noodle, Chic-fil-A, Oprah Henfrey, Darrel Hennah, Cluck Gable, Stevie Chicks, Hen-nebal Lecter, Hen Affleck, Hennifer Garner, Chubby Chicker...