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Kelsy's wedding

Our beautiful friend Kelsy got married!  I can't even believe she's old enough, but she graduated from college and then got married a week later.  *sigh*  We still remember watching Kelsy and her sister Mekenna
running around being adorable toddlers back in Ohio!  Her husband Jonathan (who will always be Fabio to us), is an amazing young man also and we're so happy for these two!
Kelsy's whole wedding was gorgeous, though my pictures are not. Being the non-packers that we are (when you tow your entire home, you forget how to pack for short trips!), I forgot my camera!  Ugh, I just had my dumbphone. (But for amazing pictures, check out their photographer's page!) 
Anthony Chapel in Garvan Woodland Gardens is amazing!  All glass and surrounded by beauty.
We're sitting inside, although it looks like outside. :)
Lizzy's curly do.  
The kids had SO much fun dancing at the reception too.  And of course it's always so much fun to see this family that we love so much!  Shannan and Paul and all their extended families have always put up with us and made us laugh. 
And a fun serendipity, the pastor of Kelsy and Jonathan's church in Tennessee (where they went to college) married them.  He was our pastor when we lived there back in 2001-2 and we suggested that church to Kelsy when she went off to school, and there she met Jonathan!  I'm pretty sure they would have met elsewhere anyway, because they're certainly meant to be together. :)