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Meet Lily

Since it's the end of kidding season, we didn't think we'd be able to get another young goat (as the older goat didn't work out so well), but really wanted another female for milk.  So when our friend called and had a newborn, we were excited!  (The windows are covered and the yard fenced in, so we were ready.)  Of course she is so little and adorable!  Meet Lily, born just a few hours ago.  She's part Alpine, part LaMancha (so tiny little ear nubs). :)
She fell asleep in Matt's arms. 
Soooo adorable. 
The chickens were curious, and hungry. 
The three got along just fine. 
We also let the rabbits out and poor Jack was a tortured soul.  He stalked them from outside the fence, then jumped into the coop trying to get in.  
The barnyard is getting a bit full for a family with no animals
As we were walking around the back yard, she just fell asleep. Must be bedtime! 
And she slept in the living room so we could feed her every few hours.  So cute!