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Roof and rabbits

Allen, Josh, and Matt finished up the roof on the lean to.
Josh thought it was a good place for a nap. 
Fred likes to supervise as much as Jack. He followed them everywhere. 
Lizzy didn't really plan the laundry hanging very well.  I may have chosen away from the photos workers, but at least I didn't have to do laundry!
And since we have a roof, why not get some rabbits?  Because we said no animals this year, that's why!  A great deal came up on a cage and three rabbits, so we now have rabbits. And man, what an education the kids got when we put a male and female together just for the drive home.  *blush*
The nice one Matt claimed.
Lizzy's mean fat-faced one. 
And Josh's nice one with the fat neck. 
We'll shorten the cages a bit soon.