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That Fred, more chickens, goat pen

So Fred was adjusting well, but one night we couldn't find him.  We figured he was coyote bait or maybe found his way back home.  But the next morning, Allen found him perched in a little hole in the top of the log cabin that we didn't think he'd fit in.  So Fred was back! Or at least still here. 
That day we moved the chickens into their new mostly finished coop.  That evening, Fred escaped and left!  We can't believe he didn't like his new home.  He turned back up at the neighbors the next day.  That's a long walk for a human, and through a coyote filled valley!  He's a lucky rooster.  He was probably just missing having lady friends.  So we brought him back and finished up the top of the coop to keep him in.  The chicks were happy to have him to cuddle up with at night. 
Check out Jiffy Puff, the white one in the middle. That's Matt's strange chicken, always making faces! 
After a few days of getting the chickens used to their new home, we let them out again.  And Fred left again!  The neighbors called and said he made it back home.  We had a few days of passing him back and forth, but finally gave up.  He lives there now, again, until we eat him!  So now the chicks have to cuddle without him.  Again, check out Jiffy Puff in the middle.  :)
Allen went to the store to get goat feed, and came home with 15 new chicks.  So glad we're not getting animals this year!
Poor Jack doesn't understand why he's at a buffet but isn't allowed to eat! 
The coop is finished and Fred-proofed, minus Fred. 
Allen finished up the goat pen too now, ready for goats.  Because we need more animals around here!
Another beautiful old window [which in hindsight really needed to be covered BEFORE we brought the goats in. More on that later.]  
Allen started a little playground for them.  We can't have bored goats.  I can't believe we're going to have goats!