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The goat returns!

In an amazing turn of events on the RVstead, {whispering} the elusive goat returned today! The neighbors spotted her and let us know she was near an abandoned shack down the road. It was raining, so Allen and the boys were hoping she was inside, and she was!  They (stealthily with hand signals - it had to be fun too!) surrounded the shack and blocked both entrances.  They got her cornered and roped her!  She fought, but they got her and held on tight all the way home and into the (of course very reinforced) pen (which is also now surrounded by a good fence!). So now, after 12 days alone in the wild, meet the very tough, independent, pretty, and finally no longer lost, Annie!  She's an 8-week-old Oberhosli.  
She is *very* scared and wary of all of us, but took to the other goats just fine.  We've taken turns sitting in the pen hoping to get her used to people, but it'll take some time.  She's eating well and appears very healthy, which is very impressive for a then-6-week-old goat who wasn't weaned yet or used to food or people! 
Allen took the other three out for a little while and Annie cried, so that's a good sign.  
She hasn't let us touch her yet, but I'm sure soon enough she'll be as spoiled as the other three beggars who crave attention!  We're just so glad she's home!!
Josh also calls Annie, Biggie McRunAwayPants. :)