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The lost goat, and a second

Since Lucy needs a playmate, we brought home Annie.  (Annie, because it's our 17th anniversary today!)  Allen and the boys brought her home in a dog crate. This one is a few week old pretty Oberhasli (tan with a black stripe) who's been with her mama and isn't tame.  Since she's a little bigger, we thought we should cover the windows in the pen, but thought we had a little time. Nope.  Allen opened the crate and out came a scared but adorable little goat.  As he started to cover the window, Annie crashed right through it!  She ran straight through the deer fence into the garden, and back out (note to self: deer fence ineffective?), then off into the woods with Jack at her heels.  It happened so fast that we were all in shock!  We chased her through the woods, but how do you catch a wild goat?  I didn't even get a picture and Lizzy was inside, so she didn't even see Annie. 
There are coyotes, mountain lions, and bears on the mountain, so we don't know how long she'll make it.  :(  We were all so sad, and on our anniversary too, it was just a hard day on the farm.  But then our friend offered us another goat to keep Lucy company until we figured out what to do.  That cheered us all up, so meet Deuce.  (Deuce, second goat of the day!)  And he's so cute that we may have to keep him!
They snuggled right up together at night, so Matt and Lizzy are off the hook! 
Video of Deuce butting Lucy away from "his" post. :)  Sharing must be learned a little later. 

And Deuce has the girliest scream!