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[whisper] The elusive goat

There have been many sightings of "the elusive Lundy goat" whispered about on the mountain. We have awesome neighbors, many of whom have spotted her and called us or attempted to catch her.  Others have been on the lookout and praying for her.  We love our little mountain community!  Allen and the boys have gone on goat hunts and we've used Deuce to try to call her in close to where she was last spotted, but no luck so far. 
Amazingly, she's somehow lasted a week without being coyote bait!  We're still hoping she'll hear our or the neighbors' goats and eventually come in closer to eat.  Although the catching part would still be tricky.  For now she's an interesting topic of conversation.  In the future, she may become a legend and only a few of us know the origin...