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Chicken tractor

Chicken tractors are mobile coops.  (Some amazing ones here.)  The chickens hang around in a spot for a while, eat up all the bugs, fertilize the area, then the tractor is moved to the next spot.  Our reason is mainly so the bigger chickens don't kill the littler chicks.  They're meanies. We let our first batch (flock? I don't know) of chicks out during the day so they could get used to foraging, then we'd close them up at night.  Now that the second batch is ready to start stretching their wings, the bigger ones won't let them.  So Allen built this tractor to protect them and let them be outside. 
Jack acts afraid of annoyed by chickens, but he seems to like guarding them.
The bigger chickens try to get inside ALL day long.  Weirdos. 
I painted it green, hoping it would blend into the field a little. 
They can get sun, but have a shaded, covered part to sleep under with roosts. They're starting to roost now, but still sleep cuddled up together in the corner. 
 The little chicks seem to love it.  The big chickens seem to hate that they can't get in.  Jack just watches it all unfold.