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Greenhouse windows

Allen finished the wall of windows (which were different sizes and had different missing parts and were made to hang different ways), but he worked his magic, and tada.  We have to get the rough cut wood up around the frame and finish the top, but it's looking like a greenhouse. 
He even built me a shelf into the wall. 
They dug a trench to keep the water out of the work area, which was heavily tested the past few days. It worked well and the chickens loved it. They kept jumping in and out and shaking off.  
The rain's sure helping the garden. See the potatoes clear over the top of the barrel already? I have no idea what to do there. I'm supposed to harvest in the fall!  
We saw a (wild) bunny in the goat pen, ironically near the caged bunnies.  Matt cornered it in the goat tree mountain, but none of them could get to it.  I don't think Lucy and Lily were really trying though.