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Roof, goat, chickens

Now that the goat has been assimilated, it's time to finish the front of the barn.  Allen and Josh spent two hard days to get it finished before we start a week of rain.  
14-yr-olds are sure convenient to send up on roofs. 
It's hard  to see, but the left side roof is clear greenhouse roofing. 
We let Annie out today and she just explored calmly. She didn't try to run or escape (this time)! 
Probably because of all the treats we've given her, which is why she begs like this every time we go outside. 
I went to feed Annie and take a video, but the chicken mafia was pecking my toes!

Now that the back part of the yard is fenced for the goats, the chickens couldn't get outside to beg us for food and peck our feet find food.  So Allen made them a chicken door.  Jack only used it once, trying to eat the rabbits. :/ 
In case you were wondering about our second flock of chicks, they're doing well still. We can't let them out though, because of the crazy big chickens being meanies, so a portable chicken tractor is next on the list. That way they can get outside to start scrounging around, but be protected by wire in a portable coop thingy.  Notice the big fatty?  That's Bubba.  Yeah, meat bird. It's crazy how much bigger they get and faster!