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A very happy 4th!

Hope you had a happy Independence Day (or Friday if you're not in the US).  We had a not-exactly-traditional Fourth of July Fish Fry with our great neighbors!  The boys had another overnight "fish camp" and brought home fresh catfish and crawdads for the feast. 
This was the extent of our decorating.  (Love our window markers!) 
We could see two fireworks displays over the mountains, but there was plenty of fun right in our own field. :)  The kids had SO much fun.  It's so nice that they're free to be crazy excited kids and that the neighbors not only don't mind, they join in. (Not bad for an iPhone pic!)
The video is sideways. (Just pretend you're on a blanket.)  Matt always seems to have something to say at the end of any fireworks videos I take.  Doesn't look like your typical backyard sparklers here! (Thanks Bill and Max!)

Josh took this picture. I shouldn't have let him use the camera, but it was too early to get up. :) 
This was my first crawdad boil. Ew. 
They look like a creepy army of invading zombie crawdads seeking revenge!! 
Seriously creepy, but they were pretty tasty. 
In other randomness, Sleepy Kitty, I mean Walker Kitty was once again missing, until she was finally found in the goat pen fast asleep.
Annie seems to be walking just fine on her cut leg. It'll be yet another of her many battle scars. 
(Silky announcer voice: Here we have Annie, sporting a functional, but fashionable sock, bordered by green duct tape, showing what all the goats who cut their legs will be sure to be wearing this year!)
The boys picked blackberries so I made them a pie for fish camp.  Why did no one tell me making pie crust is easy?!  I'd always assumed it was hard and avoided it.  Yet another thing we'll never buy again.