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Long day

Today was a good, but long and hard day.  I made blackberry jelly (or any kind of jelly!) for the first time!  Last time I attempted it, I ended up with a jam/syrup type substance, which was yummy, just not jelly. :)
As usual, Walker Kitty slept in odd places.  
As did Lizzy. 
We ate the first green beans from the garden. So good!  I don't think any of us will ever go back. 
And our cucumbers are so good and also nothing like what you buy from a store. 
Both of our rabbits decided to give birth today (despite us making sure not to schedule that), and it didn't go well again.  They lost quite a few and it was really sad.  During some of our waiting time, the goats entertained us.  Josh buried some tires for a Loch Ness Monster play set (although it's so rocky, he didn't bury them very deep!).  They played follow the leader and butted each other off.  
Their favorite thing to do is to wildly jump off things sideways, flipping around as they go. It's weird, but quite hilarious!  This is Annie showing off her moves.  
As of bedtime, we did have one confirmed live baby bunny!  Did you know they were born blind, deaf, and hairless?  Yeah, not super cute!  But they will be in a few days.  This is Demon Bunny and her baby, maybe Lucky?  If there aren't any more babies, the kids want to name it The Lone Survivor. :/  Though we're hoping for more healthy squirmy gross pink strange looking babies by morning!  Demon Bunny was taking good care of it and keeping it covered in her nest.  Mrs. Bunny was in her nest seeming to prepare for more.  But both had a long day with some trouble and sadness.  It was hard for us too and definitely not the most fun part of farm life.  We learned a lot though and probably saved Mrs. Bunny's life at one point.  We're just hoping and praying for good things to come in the morning.