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Sleepy cat, greenhouse, seeds, chicks

The kitten fell asleep in the trash basket again, paw hanging out. Weirdo.
We even threw more empty bags on top of her.
She sleeps hard most of the day, then wakes up in the evenings to terrorize chickens, blades of grass, strawberry plants... 
Allen and the boys worked on the greenhouse and got the door and half of the last wall up.
We put the last table in and I finished mulching the floor.  I think these tables need a bright coat of paint, but it's just too hot out there to be sure. Maybe one of these days.  
I went all Pinterest-y and used toilet paper roll and paper towel roll tubes for planting seeds. Then when we replant them, we can leave them right in the biodegradable planters.  Easy peasy! 
Also the little chicks have been assimilated into the coop with the big chicks. The older set still claim the very top roost.  Tonight the little ones at least finally got off the floor where they were huddled together last night.  So far, so good!  Now Allen thinks we need to start a third set of chicks.  I think we're already overrun with chickens. We'll see!