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Sleepy cat, working goats, begging chickens

More random happenings on the RVstead.  We couldn't find the cat today and I asked Allen if he'd seen her. He said he thought he saw her upside down in the trash pile. Yep. For hours. Yep, we do check for breathing sometimes.
We put the goats to work clearing the woods.  Allen put up a section of fence so they could clear this area (which they LOVE!), then he'll move the fence for them to clear another part.
Little Lily likes the brush, but she prefers the human attention still.  
Allen mostly finished the side wall to our as-yet-unnamed-room.  It may be a summer kitchen/log cabin/pantry type thing, but we're just not sure yet. 
We can't go anywhere without chickens following and begging for food. There are plenty of bugs, but they're spoiled.