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Sleepy Kitty, goats, greenhouse

This cat, she sleeps hard!  I walked away from my mulching for a few minutes, and she'd made herself quite comfortable. 
A while later we found her asleep on top of the 4-wheeler, inside a hat. Yeah, the cat in the hat. 
And later, our last two windows were finally installed tonight.  The steel cutters/drillers/hammers are VERY loud and all the farm animals scattered and hid.  We couldn't find the cat, until we realized she'd never left. 
She was still on the work table, in the same room as the installers, snoozing away.  
Kids playing with kids. Josh and Matt were jumping on the goat play land too. 
 Josh and Lily, so cute.
Deuce fell and just wanted a hug. :) 
Now that the windows are in, we can finish the greenhouse. Allen just needs to build one more wall.  I got most of the floor finished, after the cat woke up.