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Random farmness

The newest chicks are doing well.  A bunch escaped once and Lizzy came running inside saying there were chicks everywhere!  I should have followed Matt and Lizzy outside to watch, because Matt pulled a good one.  He went inside the brooder to fill in the hole they'd dug and Lizzy was handing the chicks in to him.  As she turned around, he'd let another one out.  She couldn't believe how many were getting out!  :) 
Chick Norris is always demanding getting attention and today he got Matt's water.  Matt tried to keep him out, but gave up. 
Allen and the boys have been running to the lake to fish and run catfish lines.  Whitewater kayaks sure are convenient for the 4-wheeler. 
I fed the chickens some homemade yogurt, and the cat who thinks she's a chicken of course.
 The goats almost have the newly fenced section of the woods cleared already!  We need more fence.
I guess Annie was really trying to get to the greener grass on the other side.  Goats are weird. 
Allen and Matt went off squirrel hunting.  This picture is exactly why we are here, in the middle of nowhere, and why we love it!