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Sleepy cat

More of our sleepy cat.  We found Walker Kitty asleep on the foot pad of the 4-wheeler. Later on we found her asleep under the lawn mower blade.  We've learned to check any vehicle before starting.
She fell asleep using a watermelon rind as a pillow.  No, I don't know why. Yes, I checked for breathing on this one.
But she slept right through a chicken stealing it out from under her. 
She took a nap for a few hours on these super comfy sharp rocks in a ditch.  
She's not asleep in this one, but the location was hilarious.  I didn't get a good pic because it happened so fast. She was attacking the green beans through the deer net, climbing up it, and generally being a rotten cat.  Then she fell down from the top and wrapped herself up in the netting about a foot off the ground.  It played like a cartoon and we had a good laugh before unrolling her.