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Cat, bunnies, chicken, garden

Josh has a fluffy new seat for his 4-wheeler.
I found Marcus Luttrell asleep under Demon Bunny's ear. It looks sweet, but don't be fooled. That bunny will eat your face! She'll be going to freezer camp soon. She'll be happier there! 
We harvested one of our potato barrels today.  
We didn't get the hoped-for 100 pounds of potatoes.  
We got this many.  I think we planted more than this!  No idea what went wrong. Our plants grew like crazy and looked very healthy.  Maybe there will be more in the tires, but we're pretty sad about this! 
One of the next campers going off to freezer camp, but isn't he pretty?!  I just love their tail feathers and how they shine in the light.  I can never get a good photo of them though.  
We did a little training with the cucumbers and melons, which were growing all over the garden.  Allen put up a cattle panel and I untangled the viney mess and attempted to get control.  We'll see if they survive it, but at least now we can walk through the garden and tell where the cucumbers, watermelons, and cantaloupes are. 
The tomatoes are growing, slowly but surely. 
The cucumbers haven't stopped growing!  
And our lone "ear" of corn.  The corn didn't survive the great deer attack where they knocked down a corner of the deer fence and ate the leaves off all the stalks.  We'll get our revenge as soon as deer season opens...