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Duck, duck, cat

So Allen decided we needed ducks. :/  I agreed (he wore me down) to the purchase of four.  He brought home six. This is how we have a farm full of animals after agreeing to just start a garden.
Left to right this is Thanksgiving Turkey (Turk), Sadie, Christmas Duck (Chris), and Miss Kay.  Uncle Si is under the pile somewhere. 
And this is little Mia, who's keeping the chicks company. We had to separate Toby from the other chicks as he/she was being picked on very literally.  And Houdini can't be contained, so that one comes and goes at will anyway.  
The stare down.  It didn't end well. 
Walker Kitty fell in a bucket of water.  Walker Kitty was not amused.  (But we were! Her face was hilarious!)  :)