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Ducks, creative goats, ugly ducklings

The new ducks got some lovin' from Matt.
And Marcus Luttrell got some from Josh, with Gypsy looking at him a bit jealously! 
We got our ducks lined up in a row.  (See what I did there?)  :)
They're assimilating pretty well.  Resistance is futile. 
Lucy wouldn't give up on the last scrap of tomato. 
That one on the right isn't a goat! 
And this goat isn't quite getting it. If you look closely, Lily is standing on Deuce's head. And no, he didn't even notice. 
The trough is a bit tall for Lily. 
But she figured it out... 
These are our two ugly ducklings. The actual duckling (Mia) was too small to stay with the bigger ones and getting picked on. The chick (Toby) was also getting picked on by the other chicks and he lost a bunch of his feathers.  So these two stayed in the brooder alone together and loved their freedom, safety, and keeping each other company. Now Mia is with the ducks and chickens and is doing fine. Toby is with a newer batch of chicks, so he's the big man on campus and is very happy!