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Fullness, not busyness

This conversation happened yet again today (similar ones happen often)...
Lady: You're homeschoolers? Well there's this group and that activity and this event.
Me: Yep, but we like to keep it simple & just enjoy life without the busy.
Lady: But you have goats? They can show them and learn about care & breeds & get ribbons.
Me: Yep, but we like just having goats.

Why must people try to busy-up everyone else? We prefer slow & boring.  We want to learn about goats (or chickens or rabbits or gardening or whatever) simply because we need to know things.  We don't feel the need to prove to anyone that we've learned properly.  We don't need ribbons to show that we've done so.  And we certainly don't want to busy-up our lives by complicating what we're already doing for fun! 
My RVing friend Stephanie said "Busyness has never equated with fullness" and I love that! Our life is very full, but very, very not busy.  But so often people try to offer suggestions to help us stay busy.  There are lots of good opportunities and they can be educational, beneficial, and fun, but are they really opportunities if they simply keep us busy?  Not here.  We've chosen to keep life full by not keeping it busy.  Sometimes I start to wonder, maybe we should consider, but then I see pictures like this one...
These are the moments I know we don't need 4-H or scouts or Homeschool Goat Care 101 or a curriculum or a documentary... sometimes you simply need a goat.


Lifes a Trip said…
Yes! We get that a lot, too..."you need to join this, that, whatever". The minute the word homeschooler is spoken, so many people feel the need to fill up your schedule. I do think they mean well (most of them), it just happens sooo often! Glad to know we're not the only ones that prefer a more UNscheduled approach :)