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Goat pedi, escaped bunny, clever cat, fried squirrel

Lily got a pedicure today, on the trampoline to keep the dirt away.  She's wearing Entice Blue. It's all the rage in the goat yard.  :)  
Gypsy figured out how to escape today. Maybe she learned from Houdini the chick? 
She didn't go far though, just waited on Matt to take her back. 
So Josh decided to keep Toast company while Matt put Gypsy in a more secure cage. 
Tonight Matt said, Um Mom, Walker Kitty's opening the door.   We shooed her away, but she kept climbing, so of course I took pictures.  She figured out that latch pretty easily.
We had some yummy fried then baked squirrel tonight!   It called for a rack inside a shallow pan.  Since we have neither, I had to be creative.  I used canning jar lids and tin foil with holes.  It worked out fine. 
The squirrel was super tender with a crispy coating, just right!  Yeah, pretty much like chicken.