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We had some guests on the RVstead! We finally got to test out that second hookup and enjoy traveling friends at the same time.  We met this family (the Narrow Road Schoolers) in Florida last winter and the boys especially hit it off.  We're not exactly on anyone's way anywhere, so we're grateful that they were willing to drive a lot little out of their way to visit!  We got to hang out, share some meals, and they were a huge help in canning a gazillion tomatoes!
Somehow, after a scorching summer, it was really cold! So a fire helped a lot. Walker Kitty and Jack both spent time in these chairs too. 
The kids had a blast.  Punny!  :)
Yeah, Lizzy is weird.  
These guys weren't going to miss a fire just because of silly rain. 
There were many really loud awesome jam sessions in the barn. 
Josh said they were keeping each other warm. 
Wondering where we put them? Out with the chickens. :)
The kitty was sad to see them go. 
I'm not sure if Jack missed them or the fire more.  He sat here all day, begging us to light it.