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New bunnies, rotten cat, Houdini

We have two new bunnies!  We're not sure on names yet, but the one on the right seems to be Toast (because of her cinnamon color).  The other one has pretty blue eyes with rings around them and looks like she's wearing brown pants.  Right now we're mostly calling her Gypsy.  We're hoping these two are better bunny mamas than our current ones. 
We put Marcus Luttrell in with these two since he/she is ready to be weaned.  This one's growing quickly!  
Allen and Matt built some cages, which don't appear to be a hit with our prisoners. 
We put the littlest chicks out in the chicken tractor now that they're big enough, although one little one keeps escaping.  We call him Houdini.  He just plops in and out of the cage at will.  The cat particularly enjoys that game.  He doesn't wander too far though, just pokes around for bugs until he gets lonely, then scurries back to his buddies inside.
Does it look like the cat gave Jack a chicken wing to keep him distracted while she plays?? 
She was caught with her hand in the cookie jar!