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Happy Thanksgiving!

This was our first Thanksgiving away from our family (or our road family once in CA).  We were afraid it wouldn't be very special feeling, since we eat three meals a day together every day. But it was pretty neat to be able to raise our own turkey duck this year and to prepare everything ourselves.  It did turn out very nice and did feel special!  Although I think next year we may head to the Grands just in time for dinner. :)
I thought we'd try to make some of the cute paper roll turkeys. Allen thought they needed real feathers, since they're floating around all over outside right now.
We made seven desserts, for five people. It was crazy, but yummy! 
We'll be eating for a few days.  I'm pretty sure we made enough to feed the extended family we were missing. Turk the duck turned out pretty well.  It was a little over-done (I was guessing) and tough, (and not very photogenic, so I'll spare you that), but it was good and tasted like steak.  We had heard that about Muscovy ducks, but I wasn't really convinced.  But it certainly did and they were all happy.  I even made Allen's begged for requested disgusting oyster dressing that his family always made.  (I usually politely declined!)  I'll never understand how oysters in southern Ohio became a tradition?!  It's Allen's crazy side of the family. :)  (Of course they think my side is crazy, but I think we're both right.)
While Lizzy and I were baking, Allen and the boys went squirrel hunting and brought back a few more.  Walker Kitty enjoyed that cleaning process (ew) and slept in her giant next in the barn for hours. Yes, she made a nest, because that's what cats who live with chickens and rabbits do I guess.
Of course after pigging out all day, the rest of us looked pretty much just like this today. :)  Hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving too!