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More baby bunnies, the Toast 7

The day after we didn't get to sleep in because Allen got a deer (not that I'm bitter, much), Toast had EIGHT LIVE baby bunnies!  This is her first kindling and we were really surprised.  It's harder to name eight at once, so Allen decided on Eight Toast. (Get it? Ate toast. Yeah, lame!)  Sadly, we lost the little runt two days later, but now the Toast Seven are doing great!
She's a good mom and keeps them covered in lots of fur.
Just before she had them, we think Annie had jumped on their cage to get some hay and smashed it! Fortunately all three bunnies were fine.  In the picture, it looks like the chickens are accusing Lucy, but we saw Annie eying the hay earlier! 
In case you haven't seen baby bunnies squirming, they're so fun. :)
Video of the Toast 7: