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Sunrise, last deer, goat goodbyes

Today started early, really early, when Allen woke me up to see the sunrise. I'm mostly glad he did! 
We needed just one more deer to have enough meat for the year and Josh brought it home this morning. We could tell because he was revving his ATV and hollering! 
So we had to watch Ohio State BEAT Michigan while we processed the deer.  Not our usual game plan, but it worked. And we added another 36 pounds of free, organic, healthy, happy meat to the freezer!
We were also sad (for us, but happy for them) to see the girl goats head off to their new home, a goat dairy farm!  I may have cried a little.  We probably won't have goats in the future. They steal your heart!  While our friend Max was here to get the goats, he took a picture of us just like one from June. Little Lucy (who Josh is holding) got so big!  So did Allen's beard. :)  And yes, Jack's in the same spot.  He flops over anytime you yell at him, so that part was easy. :)
Check out the side by side.