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Trees, bunnies, cats, turkeys

The snow melted and it warmed back up (a little). But we're still thinking of heading south to Florida, because we can. :)  But if we do, the kids will miss being able to climb trees!  Walker Kitty was watching Matt and Lizzy climb. 
The bunnies are growing quickly and turning different shades. The one in the middle with a fat face Lizzy has named Annie May because it looks like an anime character.
All of our mama rabbits like to give the babies a boost up to eat or drink. It's so cute. 
Getting peed on, not so cute. 
Annie, cute but a dork.
We had another wild animal altercation and found Walker Kitty with a few cuts. Sadly, little Luna didn't survive whatever it was. :( 
Since gun season started, the deer are only moving at night, but they see plenty of turkeys.  The trail cameras have been very helpful to Allen in his strategizing. Although he's still hunting almost every day, because... hunting. :)  This turkey cracked me up, so I photoshopped him.