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Clearing our counters

A blog post about completely clearing off your kitchen counter got me to thinking about ours. (She mentions, and I love, the clutter free post on Becoming Minimalist too.)  Since our home is an RV, we have pretty limited counter space AND cabinet space, so we have to really think hard about what comes in and where it belongs. While I do love my purple toaster and green blender and use my crockpot often, they don't really need to be taking up that physical AND visual space all day every day.  I love the math that refutes the argument of convenience and I much prefer having that extra space all day. PLUS I can now see out the tiny window. :) 
Now, if you prefer other ways, just remember you don't have to live here. (Such mean comments on those posts. Who cares if someone's counters are wrong??)  I just wanted to show it's possible in an RV. The blender and toaster sit on a shelf that held junk, because I threw away the junk! The crockpot sits in a cubby under the fridge.  The other day I used it for squirrels all day (which smelled so good!) but I couldn't wait to put it away.  I chose to leave the coffee maker out, because the kids use it every morning, and I kinda don't trust them to get it out/down/up/whatever. Maybe one day we'll get one mounted under the cabinet, we'll see.
And I found a solution for having soap and a dish brush thingy in the sink instead of on the counter. I'm not sure if that will stick, but it's working so far.
So, it's very possible to completely clear the countertops in your RV kitchen, if you want. Or don't. Whatever. :)


CozMama said…
Thanks for this post! Even with my advanced planning I feel like it may be an unhill battle to keep our counters clear when we move into our RV full time. Big thing is to really only have the things you need with you rather than haul things around you "may" use. It can be done and it is good to know you've been successful!
AlwaysRushing said…
I love this. We don't live in our RV, but we use it for camping a lot. It's 26 ft & only has 1 bedroom & we are a family of 5. Hopefully we will upgrade in a couple years. I find it hard to keep the counter top clutter free & was wondering what you are using under the top cabinet to hold items.
The Lundy 5 said…
Thanks! That's just a magnetic knife rack that's meant to hang on a wall. The hooks still hang down for measuring cups and spoons and the magnet keeps the knives up high.