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Grouchy dog, sleepy cat, baby bunnies

One night Jack warmed up to the cat enough to allow her to share his couch.
The next night, he changed his mind and growled each time she moved. It was so bad Josh would say in the same voice, Hi Jack, good boy and he'd snooze. But when he said Hi kitty, good girl, he'd growl!  So she slept sitting up just like this. Yes, it's possible, somehow.
Walker Kitty "helped" as we cleaned out the basement.
The Toast 7 pile in a box.
We moved the 7 in with the 4 (Fin & Ally and Fezzik & Riddick), so it's a pile of 11.
Sadly, Mrs. Bunny lost one of her 2 babies.  The single one would be too cold at night, so we moved it into the nest with Demon Bunny's 3 and she adopted it into the family with no problems.  They all went to the neighbor's house, along with Peter, Marcus Luttrell, Gypsy, and Toast, who will hopefully be fruitful and multiply all winter for them.  Then we'll get the adults back in the spring. 
We found this contraption Matt had made in the basement, and I needed a place to store my essential oils, and I had teal spray paint leftover, so there you go.