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Florida randomness

After all our time at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, we had to try making butterbeer. Amazing! And easy. Here's the butterbeer recipe we used!
The campgrounds are super full this year. I guess all the snowbirds flew south after last winter's snow and this winter's predictions. This poor guy had to park in the road and (rude) people ran right over his mat!
Sometimes you end up with a campsite with the brightest light right out your front door.
Sometimes it buzzes, on and off, all night.  Video:

You can tell when Lizzy was the one who labeled the deer. 
It snowed!  (When I defrosted the freezer...)
This is why we love Florida!  There are so many kinds of interesting trees and they're all naturally decorated.  This is one of the put-ins on Peace River where Allen fishes.
He sure loves his fishing!


Unknown said…
Just wanted to say what a great idea you have! We saw your trailer in Tavares this morning and we were curious about the reason for the extra tank in the back of your truck we get it! We are only weekend warriors and love camping and hope to travel as much as you all one day. Safe and happy travels to you all. Enjoy your time in Florida!