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Walker Kitty, sleepy kitty

Lizzy captured her blue eyes really well!
She fell asleep looking longingly out the window, with her claw hooked in the screen.
Asleep in Lizzy's room, after trashing it.
One day we found her in the napkin basket. Ew. Former napkin basket.
But she was cute. :)
Lizzy also captured her crazy eyes. Every night, her eyes get huge and dark, and shenanigans begin.
"Must empty female human's room of all the things."
"So I can't sleep on the stairs?"
"Is this better?"
"What's wrong with stairs?!"
So she takes up the whole floor.
Some of her shenanigans. She likes to trash Lizzy's room best.
After watching Lizzy clean it up, she was exhausted!
She does this to me at night. She pops up beside my computer screen on the table in the dark. Creepy!
But mostly she just sleeps. This time on the former desk now known as the cat watching platform.