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WWoHP: Details

The amazing details of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter absolutely make the experience. They missed nothing.  No mistakes.  Seriously, I spent days looking for them!  They went to great lengths to be sure you are IN Hogsmeade or Diagon Alley and Florida is some distant memory.  Check these out. In line for Hogwarts Castle, you walk through the greenhouse. You can hear music, but there are no speakers in sight. Just these cool flowering vines, with music coming out of them.  They also hide electrical cords.
Sneaking around Taking photos of the castle, I noticed this walkway, which has to be a back door to the Journey ride, but it just ended. It's just like any castle walkway. You know, because I've seen so many.
The owl poo is the best! It's silly, but it's so authentic. Also, it's everywhere the owls are. Because owls have to poo. And magical owls that deliver mail are real.
Because Hogsmeade is so cold (obviously, with snow and icicles on the rooftops!), the water in the fountain is also frozen. What a fun touch in the middle of the main road.
So I peeked in most every window in the place. Hush up. There was one window (on a camera-less day) where I thought Oh, this is it! This place will have storage or props or something out of place (because you can just barely get a peek through a slight crack in closed curtains of a storefront). But no. It just had a small table. With pretty flowers on it. Sheesh, they're good!
The quill store had quills and ink and rolls of parchment. And even a magical self-writing quill.
A tea shop had a huge pile of dirty cups waiting to be washed.
There's even laundry hanging out to dry if you look up.
The staff members were amazing too. I'm pretty sure they actually live there. It's truly just a world of its own and impossible to find any evidence otherwise. This is the "worst" spot I could find in either place. It's the end of the road and just a wall, but look at what a wall! Staff come and go, but there's someone nearby in case you need any help. (Elsewhere you might call that security, but not here. Here, they answer questions and point you in the right direction.) I assume they may cast a spell on you if you try to snoop, so I acted casual. You can't see through the windows either, not that I tried. I totally tried. Really though, on my "find some mistake somewhere quest" this is the best I could come up with. A cute, funky wall with a door that fit right in.
Man, they're so good. Maybe Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure are just magical mirages that help protect the Wizarding World of Harry Potter from muggles. That just might be easier to believe.

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Christy said…
It looks amazing! We haven't been yet, but really want to next time we are in Orlando. Thanks for the great post :)