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WWoHP: Gringotts

Gringotts Bank was amazing, and of course guarded by a dragon.  One of our favorite things about WWoHP is they never, ever break character. Instead of "this ride is broken", they say "this Ukrainian Ironbelly is having a hard time breathing fire right now, but she's very young, only 200 years old."
Fortunately, we got to see her breathe fire many times! 
I never want to bank without a dragon again. Fire!

The inside of the bank is so elegant! After you gawk at the opulence, you head down to the vaults to open an account. After some excitement, your journey really begins and you need to Escape from Gringotts! It's not a "ride", it's an experience like none other!  Scary, fun, cool, fast, slow, detailed, just amazing.
It's manned by goblins of course. 
They were real, of course:

As expected (but still surprisingly cool), the photos on the wall move and chat with you.
The photos in the newspapers move too.
We got to see Bill Weasley's office.
He even made an appearance!
The elevator goes wayyyyy down. 9 miles down. :)
The portrait read our safety instructions. 

The floating candles on the ceiling were perfection.
The ride ends in Wiseacre's Wizarding Equipment and there's a beautiful Rotating Armillery Sphere on the ceiling and lots of magical items everywhere!
Matt with the statue of Gringott the goblin (the bank's founder) on top of stacks of gold coins.

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