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WWoHP: Hogwarts Castle

The castle? Oh my goodness, it was simply THE castle.
Hogwarts was beyond my expectations, and my expectations were ridiculously high! 
I just walked around amazed that we were allowed to gaze up at it.  I did a lot of gawking. 
The details, oh the details. 
And the ginormousness of it, wow. 
It just wowed me. Every single time. 
It's not a gift shop, it's full of items Filch has confiscated. :) 
The sorting hat spoke and even though it was the end of the line and you had to move on, you didn't want to.
Video of the sorting hat:

Red's currently winning in House Points, so yay for Gryffindor! 
The griffin guarding Dumbledore's office. If only we'd have known the password!  You do visit his office later on though and he stops by!
Oh the portraits. They were everywhere, and they were a chattering bunch! So entertaining. 
You know you want to hear the Fat Lady who's guarding Gryffindor's dormitory! She was hilarious.

The pictures in the newspapers move as well. 
In the (creepy) Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom, Ron, Harry, and Hermione visit you. Sometimes Ron accidentally makes it snow! 
Going through the dungeons, you see Snape's Potions classroom. 
In Filch's Emporium, you can see the Marauder's Map, which shows footprints as people move (or ghosts float) through the castle! 
Check out the video:

And the ride? The Forbidden Journey? Amazing. I'm pretty sure we were actually flying and being chased by real dragons.  I loved soaring over the quidditch field!  As with all things in WWoHP, it was just beyond everything!
And then at night, the lights come on and I was wowed again. With different lights on upstairs, you have to wonder who's up there! 
But my favorite view is... anytime. Seriously, any time of the day is my very favorite. :) 

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