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WWoHP: Hogwarts Express

Some call Hogwarts Express a "ride" or "attraction", but it's not. It's a real train to a real place called Hogsmeade. I'm about 100% sure this is true.  I've been there.
It looks like a typical train station from the London waterfront. 
But we weren't going to any of these destinations. 
The muggles tried to choose between Platforms 9 or 10, but we knew to head towards Platform 9-3/4! And magically, we made it!  Here's video proof:

This is what happens if you don't do it correctly: 
(Lizzy said that totally hurt, but was totally worth it.)
We knew we were in the right place when we saw Harry Potter's luggage waiting, including Hedwig!  She moved, so she was obviously real. It was nice to see her, although bittersweet. 
Yep, correct place! 
And there is was! The Hogwarts Express. 
We were a little excited.  
And the train ride, wow. Definitely real. We saw London, then the countryside, Hagrid on his flying motorcycle, Mr. Weasley's flying car, merpeople, and Harry saved us when dementors attacked the train!  Then we caught our first glimpse of Hogwarts castle. Whoa. Then we arrived in Hogsmeade. Whoa again. 
On the way back from Hogsmeade to London, the train ride was a bit more cheery.  We saw centaurs, then the Weasley twins were up to their usual antics:  

We also saw the Knight Bus zooming through town in its magical way. So fun! 

What a great experience!
The Hogsmeade station didn't need to be as covert, since it's in a magical town already. But it was quite grand.

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