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Bunnies, cat, haircut, Easter eggs

Lots and lots of babies. Gypsy's are so pretty. This little one always seems to sleep upside down.
Making friends in the bunny room of happiness. 
This one is so cool, but hard to get a picture of. He has really dark blue eyes and white toes. 
She was tired of me taking pictures of her babies. 
These are sisters from the same mister, but different mamas!  We named them Peaches and Cream. 
We moved the trampoline mat where Walker Kitty had been sleeping and just threw it on top of a crate. She decided to sleep there anyway, even though she was precariously perched over the edge!
Matt requested a mohawk and I attempted. 
Fortunately it's not so bad when he combs it down! 
We decided our Easter Eggs needed no coloring this year. They're so pretty fresh from the neighbor's hens! And we're very thankful to have fresh eggs all year whether ours ever decide to lay any or not.