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Baby Goat, pickles, snake, kittens

Baby Goat is still freely roaming the RVstead, turning up in strange places. He spent a few hours in the barn on the mower seat one day.
Until he got tired of the seat and moved to the foot rest. 
We used our plethora of cucumbers from the garden and made pickles for the first time. Sweet, dill, and bread & butter. Easy and yummy! 
One night we had rattlesnaketizer before dinner.  (It died of natural causes. It was not sad.)
We moved the kittens again (yeah, #9) because the chickens kept stealing their food. Now they're in the chick brooder house (aka tiny log cabin). Nothing can get in and they can't get out. It's perfect so far! For some reason, they decided to nap using the buddy system. :)

Sometimes I get up early to enjoy the sunrise... yeah, right. I stayed up a bit too late this time, so I enjoyed it, then headed to bed!