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Big Bend, Hot Springs and The Window

Since we were hot the first day, and cold the second, we decided to try the hot springs - so of course it was 100° outside! :) The hot springs were 105°, so not much difference. At least the Rio Grande beside it was cool! And yes, that's Mexico right there, across the river. Did we cross the border? Which is a few inches of water? As it's illegal, of course not, obviously. Do you see any pics of us on the other side? Nope, so there's proof we did not cross, obviously. :)
Beautiful drive there, of course.
Super short "hike" to the springs, which used to be the feature of a resort.
Mexicans cross the inches deep river to sell trinkets every day. Since it's illegal, we passed, but they were pretty neat!
Hoping to cool down, we headed to The Window to watch the sunset. It did cool down to 70° too!  I'm not a real photographer, so you'll just have to imagine, but it was gorgeous. Or better yet, visit Big Bend one day to see it yourself! Just maybe before April, because it's way too hot. :)
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