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Big Bend, Lost Mine Trail

On our second day in Big Bend, we decided to get up really early to beat the heat... and froze. :p  A storm blew in, so it was a bit chilly! But it was beautiful. We did Lost Mine Trail, which was great, except that we really wanted to see a lost mine. :) Ah, but the views made the climb worth it!
As always, just driving in is beautiful. 
We're always amazed at how much nature wants to kill us sometimes. 
This is one of my many "let's stop and take a picture" excuses for much needed rest.  
I kinda don't like seeing the trail up ahead, because you see how far you still have to go. 
It's always hard to show how steep some trails are, but they were steep! 
They were proud. That was a big climb! 
We also went to check out The Window, because it's supposed to be a great sunset view. Looks like it will!
Check out these gorgeous rocks along the path too. Wow!
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Then our hike along the Rio Grande next!
And the Hot Springs and The Window.