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Carlsbad Caverns, hiking

At Carlsbad Caverns, we got to enjoy our usual hiking caverns and climbing mountains, but inside a cave! Since the elevators were down, we were tortured lucky enough to go down and back up the Natural Entrance, all 750 feet of it, twice. :) But of course it was totally worth it for the spectacular views!
They're used to waiting on me. I'm not slow, I just like to take lots of photos. Plus, I'm slow. :) 
There was a great model to scale of the caves. It was neat to see how far down we went, and then how many miles through the caves the trails go! That elevator would have been lovely though.
The last peek of daylight before we were all the way underground. 
In a funny moment, at a junction, Lizzy said "I feel like there should be a mall down here." Of course we made fun of her... and then ate our words as we went around the corner to find - a mall. Underground. In a cave. It was surreal. We also bought lunch. When in Rome!
The pictures don't do this place justice, as always. It was huge and beautiful, while also dark and mysterious. It's definitely a "do not miss", so we're really glad we made it, after skipping it for years!