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Fort Hood and old friends

In Texas, Allen finally got to reconnect with his good friends from Peebles, Ohio. He hadn't seen Shannon (who was usually out of the country) or Karl (who was visiting Shannon from California) for almost 30 years! We all had a great time hearing the old stories about these three troublemakers!
Allen & Sergeant Major Boldman at Fort Hood. It was fun for them to catch up after so long. Hopefully we'll meet up again before another 28 years!
Karl was a great tour guide at the 1st Cavalry Division Museum at Fort Hood, especially with his experience with tanks. Fascinating day, but a little sad as Allen said goodbye to these brothers.
Pics from the 1st Cavalry Division Museum. The boys were in awe the whole time of course!
It was very neat to get to visit Fort Hood, see the base, and learn a lot at the museum, but the best part was doing all that with old friends.