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A true oasis in the desert

Some locals highly recommended Fossil Creek Wild and Scenic River to the Johnsons, so we decided to check it out. Always trust the locals, right! Right! This was the strangest oasis right smack dab in the middle of nowhere. Gorgeous falls, crystal clear water, great swimming holes, just a beautiful spot in the desert. There were cliffs, so of course jumping was required. Or flying if you're Allen.
We had to wonder a bit as we were driving on this horrible washboard road for over an hour. You have to be extremely patient, but eventually you get there... and then you have a long hike requiring more patience. :)  
We spotted the Johnsons' truck now and then, staying way back to avoid the dust. 
After a long permit ordeal, (you must have a permit printed before you go!) we finally got to park, then hike, for a long time. But these troopers handled it well as usual! 
We took a refreshing break at this beautiful spot. Look how clear the water is. 
And then we made it to the falls. WOW. Did I mention the clear water?! 
There was a lot of cliff jumping and waterfall sliding... 
You could even swim right behind the falls to a little cave. 
What a fun day and an amazing place! So glad we decided to try something new here in Arizona!