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Arizona again

We were very happy to head to Arizona, which we love. It's a beautiful drive and a gorgeous campground.
We did have to wonder about these signs though. Most people are likely to guess the welcome sign is also the state line. Our government dollars at work.
In an interesting overnight stop at our favorite campground (Walmart), Allen chatted with the driver of this RV. He was hauling a metal band and has driven for some interesting celebrities. Janet Jackson, Snoop Dogg, Kanye West, Europe, Destruction, and more we can't remember. It was also used in the Kobe Bryant Nike commercial/film The Black Mamba. Fascinating!
We love this valley! It's where Verde Valley campground is and we love seeing Sedona in the distance. We'd love it even more if the wifi reached all the way down into the valley to the campground! :)
We were blessed with a super bright rainbow too! 
Even though we have to drive up the hill to get wifi, this drive makes it bearable.