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Boondocking, shooting range, Zion

We wanted to move a little closer to Zion National Park, and we found a glorious boondocking site near Mt. Carmel Junction. Free camping and great wifi signal, that's all we need! We LOVE camping away from the campgrounds for a change. We circled the wagons and had the perfect setup with a shared front yard with tables.
These guys showed up to do a trail ride. The kids loved petting the horses! 
A super cool bonus was an incredible (and free!) shooting range nearby. We had some fun!!
We learned not to ever, ever mess with Tiana! She's a great shot! 
It was set up so well with shooting lanes, tables, and a beautiful, remote setting. 
Allen and I took a quick trip into Zion to pick up our permits for the Subway hike. We somehow scored two permits online for the next day!