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Hiking The Subway, Zion National Park

Somehow (we're still not sure how!) we managed to score permits to hike The Subway in Zion. We could only get 2 permits, so Allen and I got lucky!
It was a long, steep, strenuous hike, but worth it. 
They said to walk right in the water, but we declined. We thought we'd take the dry route. 
We quickly realized the water was the way to go. Much easier! And cooler. It was refreshing on this hot day. 
There it is! 
Allen was looking jealously at the hikers coming from the top, instead of the bottom, like us. You had to rappel down.
Of course he braved the chest high water to explore. I was too tired!
Yes, I missed out! 
Such a pretty place. 
Then we had to hike all the way back. 
And alllllll the way back up! Holy cow.
That's where we went!  But yes, totally worth it.