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Hiking to The Wave

Just hiking to get to The Wave was challenging. 3 miles across the desert with no trail or signs! We were looking for landmarks and shapes and just hoping we were aiming in the right direction. It was no picnic, though we did bring food, so I guess it was kind of a picnic.
It was nice to see very few people all day, but it's also nice sometimes to know you're going the right way! 
These twin mounds were part of our directions. Allen thought they looked like boobs, because he's super mature like that. 
For some reason, we thought this little depression looked like a hot tub. We were probably hallucinating at that point from the relentless sun and heat. 
This was the first time we've seen sidewider tracks in the desert. Ick. They give me the heebie jeebies!
The hike in didn't compare to The Wave itself, but it was beautiful too!
But we finally did reach The Wave and wow! Check out that post here.